Find the cheapest flights from London to Crete.

If you're planning on taking your summer holidays to sunny Crete this year, we can make sure you don't pay over the odds when it comes to your flights. Rather than going for an all inclusive deal, it can often prove to be a much sounder financial option to book the individual parts of your holiday package yourself, meaning that you not only save money, but also build yourself the perfect holiday break.

Although some people prefer to let their travel agent handle all their holiday arrangements, many are partial to the freedom that booking everything yourself can offer. This way you aren't tied to a predetermined schedule, and can ensure that you have enough time to take in all the sights you want.

Assuming you have no problem flying out from one of the London airports, we have uncovered the cheapest flights from London to Crete for the months of July and August, while also noting the dates you should try to avoid.

If you're planning on taking your holiday in July, you'll get the best price by flying out on Thursday 7th with Aegean Airlines from London Heathrow to Heraklion for just £85. Other good days to fly include Tuesday the 5th (£95), Tuesday the 12th (£95) Thursday the 14th (£97), Monday the 18th and Thursday the 21st (both £101).

The most expensive days to fly in July are Saturday the 30th (£261), Thursday the 28th (£239), Wednesday the 29th (£233), Sunday the 31st (£229) and Wednesday the 20th (£222) so try to avoid those dates if at all possible. The cost for flights for rest of the days in July range between £110 and £191.

For an August trip, you can save big by flying out on Tuesday the 30th for just £60 with Thomas Cook, while Tuesday the 23rd (£87), Sunday the 21st (£87), Friday the 25th (£94) and Wednesday the 17th (£97) all represent excellent value for money when compared to the most expensive day of the month, Saturday 20th, which costs £173.

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