Flights to Kingston

The famous city of Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and its largest city. Surrounded by the Blue Mountains, Red Hills, Long Mountain and Kingston Harbor, the city attracts thousands of visitors every month.

Apart from the charms of Kingston itself, Jamaica has many tourist attractions to delight travelers of all ages. Over 1 million people come every year to sun bathe on its white sand beaches, swim in its crystal-clear waters and hike through its lush vegetation. From the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston to the most popular attraction in Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls, from the Black River Safari to the Pelican Bar, there are too many things to do here for simply one visit.

Fortunately for visitors, there are many flights to Kingston, arriving at  the city’s main airport, Norman Manley International Airport, from all over the world. For those traveling from the UK, there are many flights from which to choose. Whether you want to travel in comfort or find the cheapest possible flight, there are plenty of options available. Here are some websites with great offers.


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