Flights to Jersey from East Midlands Airport

The East Midlands airport is a fast growing air hub serving the cities of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, as well as the surrounding countryside. Handling over 4 million passengers in 2010, the airport can offer direct flights to Jersey with Bmibaby, a subsidiary of BMI. Here are your current options for flights to Jersey from East Midlands Airport.

Bmibaby flies to Jersey Airport, lying just 4 miles outside St. Helier, the main city on the Channel Islands. Flights on this route depart once each day in either direction, with flights generally scheduled around midday so that passengers can arrive at their destination in good time. Flights take around one hour ten minutes either way.

Current pricing options for this route mean there are seats for each budget. Travelling on busier end of week flights can cost around £145 for a return trip person, taxes and fees included. However, when booked online through the Bmibaby website, a discount of around £15 brings this down to £130. Mid-week flights, on the other hand, are often cheaper, coming in at around £75 per person, a good option for the budget conscious traveller.

An alternative to flying with Bmibaby to Jersey is to fly with Auringy to Guernsey. Auringy have been flying to the Channel Islands for over 40 years and are a local's favourite. Flights for this route start from around £43 for a one-way flight. For more information about booking flights on Auringy please refer to their official website.

Whichever route you use to travel from East Midlands Airport to Jersey, make sure you shop around for the best possible prices and flight times.

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