Flights options from Scotland to Girona

Girona, the city that some consider to the be the most hospitable city in Catalonia is located just over 100 km from Barcelona and has many low-cost air lines flying into its airport.

Flights from Scotland to Girona are limited but there are several direct flights per day from Glasgow Prestwick to Girona airport with Ryanair. For times and dates you should check the Ryanair website searching between Prestwick and Girona. Remember that flights may not happen every day so flights may not be available on the dates you have chosen to travel on.

With many people choosing to fly into Girona and then make their way to Barcelona via bus or train the opposite is also possible. Travelers wishing to make their way from other cities in Scotland to Girona could fly to Barcelona and then make their way to Girona.

For those who like the idea of this option Ryanair offer limited flights between Edinburgh Airport and Barcelona El Prat Airport. These flights are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This time table makes weekly holidays quite easy but for long weekends they can be a bit unwieldy unless you can travel on Friday and Monday.

Barcelona's third airport, Reus, is located 75 km from Barcelona and in recent years it has become a hub for Ryanair airlines. This gives more flight options for flights from Scotland to Girona. Ryanair offers flights from Glasgow Prestwick to Barcelona Reus directly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Again these times and flight options may suit some travelers looking to visit the beautiful city of Girona.


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