Book early for bargain flights from scotland to bournemouth

Scots looking for a sunshine break don't have to head overseas for their beach holidays this summer. Ryanair are no longer offering regular flights from Scotland to Bournemouth (in fact there are no domestic flights to Bournemouth at present) but it is possible to be on the beach in super-quick time by taking advantage of Flybe's regular service to nearby Southampton airport.

Flights to Southampton are available from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow International airports. As with any budget airline, fares are dependent on how quickly you book, the popularity of the date and time of your flight, and whether there are any speciial offers on that route.

Be aware that some Flybe flights from Scotland to Southampton might be indirect, with a stopover in Manchester. This can make the journey quite long, so be careful to check the detailed itinerary of your chosen flight before confirming the booking.

Flybe fares tend to be low on most flights from Scotland to Southampton. As an example fares for September flights from Glasgow can be found for £34.48 one way including all taxes, but if your travel dates are flexible, and you are prepared to spend a little time bargain-hunting online, you might be able to find a deal with a price even lower than this.

On arrival at Southampton's relaxed airport, it is very easy to stroll through the terminal, over the footbridge and onto the railway platform. There are regular, fast, direct trains every hour to Bournemouth. The journey takes around 40 minutes. If you are one of those organised people who book train tickets online in advance, it is possible to buy a discounted single ticket for a remarkable £2. Even a normal advance single can be booked for just £3.50.

If you manage to avoid delays and holdups at baggage handling it is quite possible to arrange your flights from Scotland to reach Bournemouth beach in little more than three hours.

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