Information about Flights From Newcastle to Bournemouth

If you have decided to go to take flights from Newcastle to Bournemouth, you must take into account different aspects: airlines that take you to the destination you want, prices for flights, flight types, aircraft characteristics, flight dates (if you want to travel by day or night), and other data that will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

General Information

The distance of direct flights between Newcastle and Bournemouth is 466 kilometres (289 miles). Flights go from the Newcastle airport, through Tyne and land at Bournemouth Airport. The time it takes to go from city to city is 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can find flights for around £100.

Types of Flights and Prices

There are two types of flights: direct and layover. If you take a direct flight (generally small), it should not take you more than two hours. But, if you decide to take a layover flight (which in range, can have two to three stops), it could take up to 7 hours. Likewise, the prices for flights differ depending on the number of hours the flight takes, and whether you're flying economy, business, or first class. You can find flights for starting at £100, and going up to £1200. In most airlines, you can find daily flights or weekly flights to this destination.

Airlines and Airplanes

There are several airlines that can take you to your destination: Flybe, British Airways, Delta, Vueling, Eastern Airways, Multiple Airlines, Thomsonfly and many more. Planes can usually seat more than 189 people. The longest flight on this route is done by Delta. As it has been explained, there are a lot of ways to get from Newcastle to Bournemouth; that is why it's advised you to choose the date, the airline and the price that better suits you for your flight, so you can travel as comfortably as you can.

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