Book summer flights from Malia to Manchester

Find cheap flights from Malia to Manchester with internet flight search engines. Look for one way flights and return flights and grab last minute deals with low prices.

Skyscanner.net searches thousands of daily flights from hundreds of airlines and travel providers to find the cheapest direct and indirect flight available within a set time frame. Use the search facility at skyscanner.net to check the price of flights from Malia to Manchester for a set date, a whole month or for the whole year.

Current available flights between Malia and Manchester at Skyscanner is listed for only £71 with Jet2, leaving on the 9th of August. Malia flights leave from the closest airport, Crete Heraklion. Direct flights are available between this airport and Manchester three times a day. Flight booked from Malia to Manchester now, for September are listed for £120, one way. It often pays to book a flight closer to the date that you want to fly, lowering the cost with last minute flights deals.

Booking return flight now for return trips in November costs around £120 for a flight leaving Malia on November 4th and returning on 13th November. That is flying in both directions with EasyJet. Be aware though that with budget airlines, the price of a flight is likely to go down rather than up as the flight date gets closer. Budget airlines cannot afford to have empty seats and sometimes have unbeatable prices available the day before a planned departure. Book late for the best deals.


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