Checking out flights from Luton to Amsterdam?

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One of the most popular routes for flights is from Luton to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. With a flight time of just under an hour, it takes as little time to get to Holland from the UK as it does to fly from London to Scotland.

Budget airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair and KLM operate several daily flights from Luton to Amsterdam and the return flights of course as well. As a result they are often priced cheaply especially if you are able to book either a while in advance or if you make your booking at the very last minute.

Easyjet offer three daily flights from Luton to Amsterdam with a starting price of £25.99 each way including all airport taxes, although not usually the baggage allowance fee. If you are taking just hand luggage you should be able to get a price of close to this, although this can be tricky if you plan to stay for any length of time.

You could also try a comparison website such as cheapflights.co.uk for deals on flights from Luton to Amsterdam. The best deal we can find at the moment is for £61 return including all airport taxes with Opodo.co.uk, departing on 15th June and returning on 29th June. If you are planning on travelling later in the summer, you should be aware that the prices will rise during the peak holiday time of July and August. The best price we can find is again with Opodo.co.uk, travelling on 20th July and returning on 3rd July for only a small increase at £65 return.

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