want flights from Glasgow to Boston MA?

Follow the American dream this summer and jet off with flights from Glasgow to Boston MA. Boston is situated on the east coast of America and is a city with busy street life and beautiful architecture, old style charm. Modern conveniences abound everywhere with the city's lush green parks, skyscrapers and modern freeways and museums, galleries and colonial churches. For the history entusiasts it is perfect, as it was the site of the Boston Tea Party and for the TV fanatics it is also where the programme Cheers was filmed and you can visit the bar yourself.

Boston is an easy city to get around and the most enjoyable way of doing so is by foot so why not take part in the Freedom trail and if you are travelling with children, don't worry as there is also a 'Boston by little feet tour'. Boston is a sports mad city but you do not have to be a sports fan to enjoy a tour of their teams stadiums. The tour of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, is an interesting and enjoyable tour, the New England Patriots football team and the Boston Celtics basketball team are the other sports teams in the city and if you are there during their season I would urge you to take in a game to sample the atmosphere.

Flights from Glasgow to Boston MA are quite reasonable and at cheapflights.co.uk they have return tickets from Glasgow to Boston for £473 plus tax flying with KLM airlines. Prices can go down to as low as £362 from September.

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