Where to book flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow

Flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow

Many people choose to travel from Edinburgh to London by plane, as this is the fastest way to get to the capital. Even if this is not the cheapest way to get to London from Scotland, the flight time is about an hour, which makes it the ideal option for anyone who does not want to travel for several hours by car or train. There are several airlines that offer flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow and you should shop around before booking, in order to benefit from the lowest prices.

One of the airlines you could consider for your flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow is BMI (British Midland International). This airline (flybmi.com) offers several flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow every day, with prices starting from £103 for an Economy ticket. You can choose to upgrade to Economy Extra or Economy Flexible if you’re interested in some extra features.

Regular flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow are also offered by British Airways (britishairways.com), with prices starting from £38 (one way). As with every other airline, you can save a lot of money on your flights if you can be flexible on your dates.

Finally, you could choose to use one of the comparison websites to find the best prices for Edinburgh to Heathrow flights. Fly.com is a website that can help you find the best deals on flights, Besides that, you can also choose to book your hotel accommodation at the same time and take advantage of some discounts.

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