Check out these cheap flights from Edinburgh to London

If you’re planning a trip from the Scottish capital to London and you’re on a budget, cheap flights from Edinburgh to London may help you reduce the costs of your escape. When you choose to book your tickets in advance, you will pay even less for your trip. Thus, it may be cheaper to travel from Edinburgh to London by plane than by car or by train.

You can get cheap flights from Edinburgh to London by comparing the offers of different airlines. CityJet (cityjet.com) offers three daily flights from Edinburgh to London, with prices starting from £49 one way. This airline will not charge you for baggage or for the drinks and snacks consumed on board. If you’re looking to get your golf bags with you, the good news is that they fly free. Also, you get 15 minute check-in time and you can complete the check-in process online as well.

Another airline that offers cheap flights from Edinburgh to London and a variety of other destinations is EasyJet (easyjet.com). You can choose to book flights from Edinburgh to three London airports, London Luton, London Stansted and London Gatwick. Daily flights are available in the morning, afternoon or evening, so regardless of your needs, you will find a suitable flight time. Prices for a one way trip start from £26.99.

British Midland International (flybmi.com) operates domestic flights from the Scottish capital to London Heathrow with prices starting from £39. There are five or six daily flights available for this route, depending on the day of the week you choose for travelling. The company offers the possibility to check-in online, so you will save precious time at the airport.

Finally, if you’re not sure about which airline to choose, you can always use one of the flights comparison websites. This is a quick way to find the best price for your preferred time of travel. Some of the websites you can use for flights from Edinburgh to London are cheapflights.co.uk, travelsupermarket.com/cheap-flights and skyscanner.net.

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