Low cost flights from Dalaman

We found a couple of great deals on low cost flights from Dalaman online. There are some great websites out there, let's take a look at a couple of the very best.

The first website we check out was the farecompare.com website. Fare Compare does a great job of finding low cost flights especially if it's very close to the departure date.

We did a search for a flight from Dalaman to Manchester for the end of August and managed to find a great deal. Flights are always a little more expensive when you are leaving so close to the date but we still found a one way direct ticket for only £243! This will get you home for pretty cheap especially if you left it last minute.

If time isn't against you then we recommend the skyscanner.com website. This is one of the very best cheap flight websites out there so it's always worth checking it out regardless of when you are leaving.

This time we looked at a flight for the end of September. Again this is a one way ticket and a direct flight to Manchester. This time we found it for only £133. Now that is a steal. What's even better is that if you are flexible, you could save up to another £50, now that's a low cost flight!

With a little browsing of the top travelsites online you could really cut the cost of your tickets. Hit up the Skyscanner and the Fare Compare websites and get your flights from Dalaman for cheap!

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