Flights options from Cork to America

Many people mistakenly believe that Cork airport provides transatlantic flights to the United States of America. This may be down to Ireland's previous history as a stepping stone with Shannon airport providing a last stop fuelling station to flights bound for America. Unfortunatley no airline currently provides flights from Cork to America and there are no plans announced to extend a service.

This is not to say that Cork Airport doesnt provide a wealth of options for those wanting to fly to America. Using Cork airport as the first leg of a trip you can fly via one of several destination.

Our top 5 favourite options for transatlantic flights via Cork are

  1. Amsterdam (with Aerlingus)
  2. Dublin (with Ryanair)
  3. Manchester (with Ryanair)
  4. London (with Aer Lingus)
  5. Paris (with Aer Lingus)

Amsterdam's Schipol airport provides a wealth of options for those looking to travel to America. Flights run daily to Amsterdam with flight options to both east and west coast.

For one of the easiest options a flight to Dublin from Cork ranks above most. Thanks to Ireland's agreement with the USA travellers can clear immigration in Dublin's airport and arrive in America avoiding long immigration ques.

Manchester Airport offers a choice of six destinations including New York, Orlando and Las Vegas. Perfect choices for a city break, a sun holiday for all the family or a single once in a life time crazy weekend.

London's Heathrow aiport is the best option for the traveller wishing to travel to America. Offering the widest choice of destinations, times and airlines and only an hour away from Cork.

Paris, the capital of France. The Home of romance, fine dining, the Champs De Lysee, the Eifel Tower and L'ouvre. A list of reasons why you might choose to travel via Paris.

Those are some of your options if you wanted flights from Cork to America.

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