Looking for cheap flights from Belfast to Reus, Salou this July?

Flights from Belfast to Reus Salou

Whether you're looking for a last minute getaway, there's plenty on offer for everyone when looking for flights.

With companies such as Thompson, Thomas Cook and First Choice now online they add to the hundreds of choices of where to book flights - along with the compare sites (skyscanner.net) and last minute companies (lastminute.com). It's hard not to find a bargin these days!

For a last minute getaway at the end of this month there's two main deals depending on your personal preference. Firstly with Thompson, flights from Belfast to Reus, Salou on Friday 29th July and returning on the 5th August, it would set you back just under £334 per person. It departs at the laid back time of 8.30am and for the journey home at 1pm. Unfortunately this doesn't include any extras. To include upto 20kg of luggage per person, it's an extra £25 return, and futhermore it's £12 to have an in-flight meal.

For those who would prefer to have the weekend to prepare, Thomas Cook has flights departing on Sunday 31st July and arriving home on the 7th August. This deal comes in a little more expensive at £360, but gives a little extra time to sleep in with a departure at 9.45am and a chance to catch that last minute sun on the return with a departure at 2.25pm. As with Thompson this doesn't include extra's, for 20kg of luggage it's slightly cheaper than above at £24, with the in flight meal costing the same at £12.


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