How to find the best deal on flights from Belfast to Leeds Bradford return

Flights from Belfast to Leeds Bradford Return are a cheap and easy form of holiday this year. With so many websites offering the lowest deal, such as easyjet.com, flybe.com & jet2.com it's only a matter of shopping around before securing the best deal. Or take a look on some comparison sites, e.g cheapflights.co.uk, momondo.com or farecompare.com.

The cheapest to be found for the week beginning Saturday 23rd July for 7 days is from the comparison site www.momondo.com. For return flights from Belfast to Leeds Bradford it's €51 - not bad for a weeks holiday! The only drawback (For some people it might not matter) is that it's with two seperate airline companies -  flybe & easy jet.

For those who would prefer the same company the next cheapest, for a euro more is Easy Jet. Return flights with a choice of three departure times Easyjet.com has the cheapest price of €52.

Looking through various sites, be sure to note if prices include taxes, fees and if baggage is included. Example - a Ryanair flight will include taxes & fees on the first page in the Total, but it doesn't include any baggage, which is an extra €40. It's also worth noting that various days are cheaper than others, for example it's usually better to fly Friday - Tuesday for a longer weekend, rather than Thursday - Monday.

As mentioned above it's wise to shop around before making any decisions & to check at different times of the day as prices often change - and Always book ahead.

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