Find the cheapest flights from Belfast to Edinburgh for return fares

It's a short flight, under an hour, but that doesn't mean that flights from Belfast to Edinburgh return or one way, are always cheap. You need to book well in advance and shop around to obtain the best fares.

Easyjet (www.easyjet.com) offers direct flights from Belfast International airport to Edinburgh. Their lowest fare is £23.99 each way, giving a return fare of £47.98. You will have to add on extra charges for checked baggage and for credit card payments.

Easyjet offers between 2 and 4 flights a day in both directions, meaning you can usually find a time and price to suit your trip. Don't leave it until the last minute to book though, or you will miss out on the best fares.

Flybe (www.flybe.com) offers between 2 and 5 flights a day from Belfast City airport to Edinburgh. Outward fares start at £12.67 and the return journey from Edinburgh fare begins at £39.30. This gives a round trip total of £51.97, with extra charges if you are taking checked baggage.

Travellers with an eye for detail will notice that the cheapest option might involve flying out from Belfast City with Flybe, and returning from Edinburgh to Belfast International with Easyjet. As with all budget airlines bookings, you should check the small print and extra charges very carefully to ensure you haven't missed any hidden extras.

On arrival at Edinburgh, you can get into the centre of the city quickly and cheaply using the regular Airlink 100 bus service. Tickets cost £3.50 single, £6 return.  This will help keep the budget down for your flights from Belfast to Edinburgh return trip.

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