Flights to France

Budget Airlines

Flying using economy airlines allows passengers to make massive savings on flights to France.

Airlines such as Easy Jet (easyjet.com) and Ryan Air (ryanair.com) specialise in low, no frills air travel. And, given France's proximity to the UK, passengers from England and Scotland, in particular, enjoy fast and cheap air travel to France.

Passengers travelling with budget airlines should watch out for stealth costs associated with travelling with low fare carriers, however.

Make sure you stay within your luggage weight allowance, for example, while this allowance is often lower for your return leg of a journey than it is for your first flight.

Price Comparison Websites

Flying with a budget airline is not the only way to get to France, however. Furthermore, if your flights to France originate outside Europe, for example, then budget airlines are not an option.

In this instance, you should perform a search using an online flight price comparison website, such as Skyscanner.net or Opodo.co.uk, to find your cheapest flight.

Enter the details of your journey, including your intended time and date of travel, origin and destination airports.

Make sure you check, at the very least, the day before and day after your intended date of travel. Adjusting your dates of travel by just one day, if feasible for your travel plans, can enable you to make large savings on your travel.

Furthermore, use an Internet mapping website, such as Maps.google.co.uk or Bing.com to find airports nearby to the one you intend to travel to.

You might find a significantly cheaper fare, for example, flying to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport rather than Paris Orly.

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