Wondering where you can go with flights Belfast City Airport?

Are you living in Northern Ireland and planning a big holiday for yourself this summer? There's no need to trek down to Dublin to use the airport there, it's quite possible to get to some brilliant destinations from your own airport. Lets check out what flights from Belfast City Airport are available.

There are a number of airlines who have a home base at George Best Belfast City Airport and they are Fly Be, BMI, Manx 2 and BMI Baby. There are also a number of charter flight operators. In this blog we're going to run through the destinations offered from Belfast by each airline.

Fly Be - Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds/ Bradford, London Gatwick, Manchester, Manston/Kent International, Newcastle, Doncaster, Sheffield, Southampton, Bristol, East Midlands, Liverpool, Paris (CDG). You can book any of these flights at Flybe.com.

BMI - BMI offers one scheduled service from George Best Belfast City Airport every day, and that service is to London Heathrow. You can book on to this flight by logging onto www.flybmi.com.

Manx 2 - This small airline operates daily services from Belfast to the Isle of Man, Blackpool and Galway. They did operate a service to Cork, however, it was ended after the recent crash. You can book flights with them by logging on to their website at www.manx2.com.

BMI Baby - This airline flies daily from Belfast to Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, and London Stanstead. For summer 2012, they will fly daily to Malaga, Alicante, Palma, Faro and Ibiza.



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