Flight and villa packages here!

Flight and villa packages can be a very smart way to go on holidays. You can find really cheap flights to places like Majorca and they always have great deals on villas.

The Villa Can Malagarbas Pollensa is a stunning villa situated just 2km from Old Town Pollensa. The town has a great old style charm with lots of traditional buildings and structures so there is plenty to see and do just a short walk from your villa.

This villa is in a gorgeous countryside location that sees a lot of sun all year round. You will wake up to clear blue skies and tropical climate all through the summer at the Villa Can Malagarbas Pollensa letting nothing stop you from enjoying your private pool.

A private pool is just one of the features to the villa. It has a terrace with a spectacular view of the countryside and on the inside hi-fi, washing machine, dishwasher, air con, television and a barbecue are all included in the price.

It costs only £800 for a week in this stunning villa and it easily sleeps a family of five. All the booking information is available at mallorcavillas.net. You can also check out the many other features that are also available to guests.

All you need now is a low cost flight and you are set! With the cheapflights.co.uk website you are looking at around £56 per person. This means your total holiday comes to only £1030 for a whole week with your family of five. Now that is some serious saving.

There you have it the proof that flight and villa packages really do work well if you know where to look.


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