Using an online flight tracker

Are you looking to keep an eye on a flight in progress? Looking to find out how the flight you are set to go on fares regards delays and cancellations? The best way of doing this is to keep an eye on it using an online flight tracker, and there are a huge range of these on the internet. In this blog, we are going to check out the pick of these online, so you can keep an eye on a flight, no matter where it is in the world.

Flight Trackers are controversial topics ever since the events of 9/11 as there are over riding security concerns that stop them from becoming hugely widespread. There are however a few of them online, and they offer a hugely valuable service. The most famous of these is probably www.flightaware.com and they offer a huge amount of different services. They offer live flight tracking, Archive flight tracking, ability to browse by airport and even browse by operator. They offer services around the whole globe, and they aren't just focused on Europe like some sites. They are well worth a look.

Another fantastic site that offers the same kind of service with a focus on European flights is Flight Radar at www.flightradar24.com/. This site is centered around European airports, so if your flight originates in Europe, then this is the site for you as it contains a huge amount of stats and live air traffic in real time. It even contains a forum for flight enthusiasts, so it is extremely well worth a look.

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