Find a cheap flight to Tenerife from Newcastle

Flight to Tenerife

For fantastic weather all year round and a choice of lively or more traditional resorts, Tenerife has it all.

From Newcastle airport, your flight to Tenerife will land in the islands southern airport of Reina Sofia where you'll find easy access to the islands popular resorts. Playa de las Americas has one of the largest beaches on the island and a lively nightlife, perfect for partying. One of the older resorts with easy access is Puerto de la Cruz, with its beautiful old quarter and narrow, winding streets.

Your flight to Tenerife from Newcastle takes about 4 hrs. 30 mins, and there are around 27 flights a week. The island operates all year round but you may find cheaper flights in the less busier months of April and March.

The most poplular and cheapest airline to fly with is Jet2 (jet2.com.). You can find an outward journey to Reina Sofia in December from £48.99 and a return journey in the same month from £24.99. Fares are fully inclusive of taxes and airport charges but there is an extra cost for some services.

Baggage up to 22kg costs £8.99, reserved seating from £1.99 and inflight meals from £6.00. Consider that these extra service charges are per person, per flight, as with most airlines.

Thomas Cook (flythomascook.com) has outward journeys in December from £68.99 and returning in the same month from £26.99 inclusive of airport taxes and charges. Baggage up to 20kg costs from £12, reserved seating from £7.50 and inflight meals on medium haul flights cost £7.50. You could combine all these flight extras together and use Thomas Cooks 'Bundle Deal' for £20 per person, per flight.

Thomson (thomson.co.uk) also operates a flight to Tenerife from Newcastle. Although they are slightly more expensive, you might find some better prices on their 'Flight Deals' page.

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