Flight tickets from Manchester to Rome

Leave the dreary Manchester skies this summer with a trip to the beautiful city of Rome in Italy. Once part of the greatest empire in the world Rome is now a relatively compact city and that is great news for tourists as all the must see tourist spots are within walking distance of eachother. Rome is a great holiday destination for everybody as if it's history and religion, shopping and food or just a break away from it all, Rome fits the bill nicely. The Italians are world famous for their cuisine and their food is eaten all over the world so when visiting make sure to try some authentic Italian pizzas, pastas and calzones.

Although Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and famous for it, the rest of Italy is not far behind and in Rome you won't find many large shopping malls as you would do in other countries but there are a lot of high end chic fashion shops, for most people these could be a little on the expensive side but they are still worth a look inside. Obviously the more famous landmarks are always a must see, the church at St Peter's square where the Pope John Paul II was buried, the Trevi fountain, the world reknowned Colosseum which was used by the Romans as a venue for entertainment and the Capitoline Museum. Below are some of the best deals for flight tickets for Manchester to Rome this year.

Cheapflights.co.uk have the best deals on flight tickets from Manchester to Rome starting with a flight with Swiss Air for the price of £158 return including taxes. KLM have a deal for return flights for a little more at £170 return including taxes, also from cheap flights.co.uk.

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