Flight tickets from Manchester to Palma de Mallorca

Flight tickets from Manchester to Palma de Mallorca can sometimes be a little more expensive than you may have anticipated. Generally when it comes to summer and your destination is a tourist hot spot this is often the case. That isn't to say that you can't get cheap flights though!

Palma de Mallorca is a major port on the island of Majorca. This is one of the reasons why it is such a huge draw to the Brits. This basically means fresh sea food everyday, beaches by the bucket load and of course the Mediterranean sun.

Flights often become pretty scarce as we move further into the summer, it is always best to get the jump on the flight fares. The earlier you book the better the savings especially when it comes to locations like Palma de Mallorca.

We have sound the Sky Scanner (http://www.skyscanner.com) to be the best website online when it comes to flights from Manchester to Palma de Mallorca. They have some really spectacular deals on offer and it doesn't take much to get set up.

Sky Scanner compares across Thomson, EasyJet, BA, KLM, FlyBe and many more big name commercial airlines. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting the very best available prices.

It also takes very little to find out this information. A few simple mouse clicks, a detail or two to fill in and Sky Scanner will put together a huge list of all the available flights around your departure dates.

We have found that the first 2 weeks of July are generally the best time to book for savings. using their booking system we managed to snatch up a deal for Wednesday the 6th of July. The flight will cost only £68 return per adult direct from Manchester to Palma de Mallorca. That is a serious offering from the Sky Scanner.

If it's flight tickets from Manchester to Palma de Mallorca you seek then the Sky Scanner has all the answers.

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