How to find cheap flight tickets from Manchester to Helsinki

The major choice which you must make when purchasing your flight tickets from Manchester to Helsinki is whether you are primarily interested in saving money, or maintaining comfort and saving time.

If your priority is to save money, then by far the most cost-effective way to travel is by the connection of two indirect flights. The cheapest indirect one-way flights from Manchester to Helsinki are operated by British Airways for between £100-£150, including a stop over for several hours at London Heathrow. The total journey time for this option is 6-7 hours.

It is a curious fact about the airline industry, however, that return flights offer a much better deal, and sometimes can even work out cheaper than one-way fares.

In this scenario, the best company to travel with is KLM, who offer combined return flight tickets from Manchester to Helsinki via Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where you must wait for a substantial time between flights (up to 5 hours on the outbound journey). The wait pushes the total travel time to Helsinki up to 8-9 hours, although the return journey can be less than 6. This travel plan can cost between £125-£175 if you book well in advance.

If you have extra cash to spare and wish to prioritise comfort, then you will prefer a direct flight. For one-way flights, again the best choice is British Airways. BA operates two daily flights to Helsinki from Manchester (one in the mid morning, one in the early evening) throughout the week, costing around £150 and taking less than 3 hours. Tickets provided by Finnair for the exact same flight can cost up to £600, so this option is to be avoided.

If, however, you need a return flight, Finnair becomes the best choice, providing deals for around £250 compared to the offers from British Airways which can exceed £400.

Upon arrival in Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, it is quite easy to navigate to the city centre, which is only 20 kilometre away.

While there is (as yet) no rail service between the airport and city, there are several bus options, the cheapest of which (the local 615 service) costs around £3.50 and should certainly be your choice if your luggage is easy to manipulate.

If your bags are harder to transport, you should opt for the fractionally more expensive Finnair City Bus, costing about £5.50, which provides a more comfortable coach service and arrives a little faster.


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