Flight tickets from London to Palma de Mallorca

Leaving London for Palma de Mallorca this year and looking for flight tickets London to Palma de Mallorca? We have the best value and hopefully the cheapest options for you here. Palma is the capital of Majorca and also of the Balearics. It is a vibrant city and has become popular for city breaks in recent years aswell as the more traditional two week sun holiday. It is also a playground for the rich and famous. As it sits in the stunning Bay of Palma with it's busy port you can marvel at the yachts sailing by. Although Palma doesn't actually have a beach there is access to the white beaches of Arenal, Palma Nova, C'an Pastilla and Cala Mayor.

Palma is an old town and it's small winding streets allow you to be surprised what is around each corner, imperious architecture is all around you with the cathedral being a stand-out piece. There is much to do in Palma to keep you busy with boat trips, galleries and the beautiful shops - after all the rich and famous have to spend their money on something. The Palma nightlife is second to none and the streets are normally buzzing once it gets dark. Experience the wonderful cuisine in the many restaurants, the bars and nightclubs jump to music and you are sure to have a good time as the warm sea air provides a ideal background.

Edreams.com have a number of flights depending on which airline you would like to fly with but the cheapest is Ryanair who offer a one way flight tickets from London to Palma de Mallorca for just £20 during June. If you'd like a different airline Easyjet are charging £40. Prices do increase during July.

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