Looking for Flight Tickets from London to New York City?

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New York is vibrant, it's colourful, it's the city that never ever sleeps, it's the city dreams are made of and also fabulous breaks are had in. Whether you are visiting New York for business or leisure you can still soak up all the sights and enjoy every thrilling milli-second of your time there. Let's get looking for flight tickets from London to New York City!

Flying with Delta Airlines and if you book by a specific date you get return flights from London-Heathrow to New York's John F. Kennedy ariport for £385 return. This price includes all taxes, charges and baggage fees. This flight suits someone going for a pre-Christmas shopping break as you can use this flight between 24th October and 16th December 2011. It's a great price for flights and you'll have even more dollars left over for your shopping. This flight deal is available from the Flight Experts.

Cheaper still is a London Heathrow flight into New York's Newark airport. It's a less busy airport but the same distance into Manhattan as JFK airport. This flight is with U.S. Airlines and for a return flight at the same times as the above Delta flight you pay only £356 for all taxes, charges and baggage fees. This flight deal was found on the Bargain Flight Desk.

Other options to get good prices on flight tickets from London to New York City is to browse the various airlines' websites. These include Delta, American Airlines, U.S. Airlines as well as British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Sometimes you can get better flight ticket prices by going directly throught the airlines' websites.


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