Last minute flight tickets from London to Alicante

Flight tickets from London to Alicante can be hard to come by, especially if you are booking very close to the departure date. Some time leaving things until the last minute can really work against you, then again, sometimes it's the best time to book!

There is a website that specialises in these exact type of situations, hit up the appropriately named 'Last Minute' website and let's see if we can find you some tickets.

Last Minute is a very clever airfare website. Instead of being just a standard comparison website they actually have a little extra to help them stand out from the crowd. As well as comparison they actually buy out the cancellation seats. This means that they buy them cheap so they can sell them cheap, much cheaper than what you would have originally paid.

If you are pushing to be on a plane by June the 2nd then we can help you out. We have done a little searching on the Last Minute website and have come up with 2 return adult tickets to Alicante from Gatwick for under £100! If your bags are packed and you are ready to leave June 2nd then we recommend you grab this deal while you can.

There are some seriously stunning deals on Last Minute. While it can be risky waiting so long to book flight tickets from London to Alicante it can also pay off. Hit up Last Minute and see for yourself, this easy to use website always comes up with the goods.

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