How to find the best flight plan from Southampton (SOU) to Salzburg (SZG)

To arrange a flight from Southampton (SOU) to Salzburg (SZG), it is necessary to take one of two journey plans.

Throughout the year, there are very irregular and rare direct flights between Southampton and Salzburg which are operated by Flybe.  The flights take around 2 hours and 20 minutes. The cheapest is around £100 one-way and £200 return, but the prices can rocket up to more than £170 and £350 respectively, so choose your travel dates carefully if possible.

Price-comparison websites like Skyscanner.net curiously always advise you to take the most expensive and long-winded option from Southampton to Salzburg: to fly from Southampton to Manchester, then on another European city before a transfer to Salzburg itself, which can cost around £500 one-way and can take much more time than the direct flights, so this is certainly to be avoided.

An alternative option to a direct flight between Southampton (SOU) and Salzburg (SZG) is to travel via Vienna (VIE). This might be necessary if you need to travel on an exact date, because the flights between Southampton and Salzburg itself are not popular enough to demand regular services.

Indirect flights from Southampton to Vienna, connecting from Hannover, Milan, Brussels and elsewhere, can cost anything from £80 to £300 one-way and £170 and £620 return. There are then usually 5 flights per day connecting Vienna to Salzburg, costing £58 each way.

If you have a little more time to spare and are free to see the wonderful Austrian countryside, why not take a train from Vienna to Salzburg instead? Services take between 3-4 hours and can cost less than €50 each way.

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