Need a flight from Plymouth to Liverpool?

If you need to travel by plane from England's South Coast up to Liverpool, then there are a number of options for completing the trip. Airlines such as Air South West and Ryanair can help you complete the journey at minimal cost, though connections may be needed. Here's a look at the current options and availability for booking a flight from Plymouth to Liverpool.

One of the best ways to fly direct from the South West to the North West of England was to fly with Air South West. While they do not fly directly into Liverpool John Lennon Airport, they do stop at Manchester, just a short transfer away from Merseyside itself.  With up to two flights a day between Newquay, just a short drive from Plymouth, and Manchester this is the cheapest, quickest and most regular service between the two regions.

Flights from Newquay depart during weekdays only, and take off at 7:25am. Flights last approximately one hour and fifty-five minutes. Flights in the opposite direction depart at 9:50am and last for the same duration. Current pricing options for this route start at £193 per person for a return flight including all taxes and fees during August.

If you absolutely must depart from, or arrive at, Liverpool Airport, then another option is to fly with Ryanair to Cork, and then from Cork to nearby Newquay with Air South West. This option will set you back a cool £37.98 per person for a return flight for the Cork leg of the trip. The Cork to Newquay leg of the journey, meanwhile, starts at a hefty £302 depending on exchange rates. These prices are for trips on the 1st and 5th of September.

So despite the recent closure of Plymouth City Airport, there are still options open to you for booking a flight from Plymouth to Liverpool and vice versa.

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