Find a flight from Nottingham to Newquay

Nottingham is a great place to live, but just occasionally you need to be by the sea. A fast, direct flight from Nottingham to Newquay can get you to the Cornish coast in around an hour, when the train or car would take nearer six hours.

Nottingham's nearest airport is East Midlands, easily reached by the Skylink bus service. This runs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and takes just 45 minutes. An adult return ticket costs £10 return. Families should take advantage of the great deal on a family return ticket, which costs just £10 for a family of up to 5.

BMI Baby (www.bmibaby.com) offers the direct flight summer service to Newquay. A quick search revealed September flights available at around £77 return. Regular bmi customers often have flight vouchers or discount codes which can make the price even lower.

Early afternoon departures mean it is possible to be dashing into the Cornish waves just as the sun is dipping in the sky. The late afternoon return flight means you can have a leisurely lunch in Newquay before heading to the airport.

From Newquay airport, hop on the Western Greyhound 556 bus to take you into town, or, if you're impatient to be on the beach, take a taxi. The airport recommends BioTravel, a taxi company that uses renewable biodiesel fuel, which will help you feel a little less guilty about your flight's carbon footprint. They offer a 24 hour transfer service to and from the airport, bookable on www.biotravel.co.uk.

For the best surf, head for Fistral beach, half a mile west of the town. As the Atlantic surf crashes here, you'll realise that your flight from Nottingham to Newquay has brought you to a beach paradise.

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