Looking for a cheap flight from Knock to Salou?

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The spicy Spanish resort of Salou receives thousands of Irish tourists looking for a good time every year. And you could join them on a cheap flight from Knock to Salou. This is one of budget airline Ryanair's most important routes and there are some amazing deals to be had on flights.

It's simply a matter of going to the Ryanair website and tapping in your travel dates. The earlier you book the flights, the better chance you have of finding a bargain. Daily flights depart from Knock for Salou and they can easily booked for €30; that's including tax and charges.

If you're in a position to be flexible with your travel dates, you have the advantage of being able to play around with the different dates and see if you can stumble upon cheaper flights.

Of course, you can always combine a cheap flight from Knock to Salou as part of a holiday package. Leading travel agencies Falcon Holidays and Budget Travel are offering some terrific package holidays deals in Salou for this summer. You can spend 7 nights in Salou in August on a package holiday for €199 with Falcon Holidays. That's hard to beat, but Budget Travel do come close with 7 nights in September for €211.

The most important thing to do, whether it's flights or a holiday, is book quickly because these type of deals won't last forever. Once you have that simple transaction completed, all that's left to do is pack a bag and head for the golden beaches and vibrant bars of Salou.

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