Find a direct flight from Glasgow to Salou

Salou is one of the most popular resorts on Spain's sun-drenched Costa Dorada. You can get there relatively cheaply by choosing a direct flight from Glasgow to Salou, landing at nearby Reus airport.

In the summer months Thomas Cook Airlines (www.flythomascook.com) offers early morning departures from Glasgow International Airport that can get you to Spain for a leisurely lunch and an afternoon on the beach. Early booking secures the best fares, but even if your holiday is relatively last-minute, you can still track down fares for less than £200 return.

Thomson (flights.thomson.co.uk) is also worth checking out for its summer flights direct from Glasgow International Airport. Even at peak times in July and August it can occasionally be possible to pick up a bargain return flight for around £80.

Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) has regular flights from Glasgow Prestwick to Reus, with fares of around £40 each way, although obviously this increases substantially if you are travelling with a lot of luggage, and is subject to Ryanair's list of small additional charges for check-in, credit card, EU levies and the like. Ryanair's regular promotional offers, and occasional tax-free flights, do mean it is often possible to find substantially cheaper fares.

It's worth noting that Ryanair's flights to Reus arrive at 10pm, and return flights depart at 10.30pm, which might be a consideration if you are travelling with small children.

After disembarking from your flight from Glasgow, Salou is just 15 minutes by taxi from Reus airport. The official airport taxis are white with a blue stripe and there are usually plenty of taxis available around the clock. The fare to Salou is €23.

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