Are you looking for a cheap flight from Dublin to Salou?

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Flights can be an expensive part of booking a holiday and if you are planning on going to Salou you should check out this blog. We are here to get you a cheap flight from Dublin to Salou and trust me you won't be disappointed.

Ryanair is one of the biggest airlines operating out of Dublin and they always seem to have fair prices so let's see what we can rustle up for you. If you were planning on going in the peak season of August you could a get a flight for €134.87 return which is relatively cheap. This flight flies into Rues Salou Airport and has a flight duration of approximately three hours. You can check out this flight and other ones on www.ryanair.com.

Flight comparison sites are very much worth checking out and one such one we recommend you check out is cheapflights.ie. All the major airlines work with this site including Ryanair, Aer Lingus and KLM Airlines. Prices for a September flight are coming in at €71.98 with Ryanair which seem to be the cheapest available. If you are planning a later holiday in October you can get flights for €91.08.

We have just used the few dates above for examples just to give you an idea of prices and what you can expect. There is plenty of other dates available on the websites so just spend few minutes and you can book yourself cheap flights.

Now that you know where to get a cheap flight from Dublin to Salou waste no more time in booking because the seats are filling up.



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