Find a cheap flight from Dublin to Palanga in minutes

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White sandy beaches, revitalising baths, clubs, pubs and restaurants await you in the magical coastal resort of Palanga in Lituania. It has developed from a small fishing village into one the Baltic Sea's best resorts. And the best news is you can reach this fabulous destination for next to nothing on a cheap flight from Dublin to Palanga.

Unfortunately, Palanga isn't served by any budget airlines from Dublin. However, it's still possible to find a cheap flight from Dublin to Palanga with the traditional airlines and the help of a good search engine for flights.

Websites, such as Travel Europe and Skyscanner, are excellent for finding the latest deals on cheap flights from Dublin to Palanga. They work with hundreds of travel agencies and airlines to bring you the best deals on the market.

All you have to do is enter your travel dates into the search box, and within a few minutes you'll have a list of the best priced airfares to Palanga. If you're in a position to be flexible with your dates, you can play around with them to find the best deal in the time you're willing to travel.

And if you need hotels or car rental for your stay in Lithuania, you can book them securely, and at a great price, through these websites.

Flights to Palanga from Dublin are very reasonable at the moment. Some of the best offers from Travel Europe include Dublin to Palanga for €149 in August and €109 in September.



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