How to find a cheap flight from Dublin (DUB) to Bourgas (BOJ)

Through the summer months, Aer Lingus, the flag carrying airline of Ireland, provides a regular flight service from Dublin (DUB) to Bourgas (BOJ) which takes less than 4 hours to arrive. As most visitors to Bourgas are tourists, these holiday-season flights satisfy most popular demands.

The journey can cost less than £35 one-way, but a more usual cost is around £55. For a return journey, you should expect to pay no more than £175 if you have flexible dates of travel, but if you are working within a tight schedule you could find yourself paying upwards of £350. You should purchase your tickets on the official website of Aer Lingus (AerLingus.com).

If it is necessary to find a flight from Dublin (DUB) to Bourgas (BOJ) during the winter months, however, you will need to fly indirectly. Thanks to the peculiar airline fashion for sometimes charging more for one-way flights than returns, you might ultimately pay around £520 for a one-way flight and £450 for a return journey, if you take this option.

This type of long-winded travel plan can take anything between 10 hours and 24 hours, and necessitates stopping in either Paris and Sofia or London and Vienna using different airlines. Check a price comparisons website like Skyscanner.net if this journey is necessary for you.

Once you find yourself in Bourgas airport, however, the onward journey is quite simple. The airport has a beautiful picturesque location on the coast, and is a mere 15km from Bourgas city centre.

A regular bus service (local number 15) travels between the airport and the city, running from 05:00 until 23:00 on weekdays and 05:30 until 22:30 on weekends. The bus ride takes around 30 minutes and costs 0.90 leva (approximately £0.40).

Alternatively, a taxi service can take around 15 minutes to reach your destination.

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