Choosing a flight from Derry to Lanzarote made easy

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Lanzarote is a unique island whose volcanic caves, dramatic rock formations and sandy beaches give it a character and charm all of its own. The island is a big favourite with UK holidaymakers and a flight from Derry to Lanzarote can bring you day after day of endless sunshine.

Airlines which operate from Derry include Ryanair, Aer Arann and Flybe. Ryanair can get you there for approximately €400 with one stop in Birmingham, but the outbound journey time is approximately 14 hours.

A better option is to go with airline combinations. Ryanair can fly you to Liverpool and Easyjet have a connection to Lanzarote. The journey times and flight prices can be reduced considerably.

Similarly Flybe will fly you to Manchester where either Thomas Cook Airlines or Monarch will get you to Lanzarote. Aer Arann will fly you from Derry to Dublin where an AerLingus connection will bring you to Lanzarote.

You have options, but obviously, some are better than others. Flight comparison sites such as flylowcostairlines.org, skyscanner.net and farecompare.com can find you the flight that best suits your requirements. Derry airport has a summer chartered programme operating flights to Lanzarote which you can book on holidayhypermarket.co.uk.

All these sites strive to accomodate tavellers by allowing you to search by dates, prices, airlines and travel times. You can book online and they are well worth a look.

Whichever route you decide to take on a flight from Derry to Lanzarote by putting a little time in and examining your options you can rest assured you'll be happy with the results.


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