A cheap flight from Cork to Southampton

A cheap flight from Cork to Southampton can be hard to come by if you are looking in all the wrong places. With the internet it is very easy to miss good opportunities due to the many copy cats replicating decent websites. The big difference is the fact that they have no resources to actually help you find a good deal.

Luckily they are not all a sham, there are decent websites out there too and we have found a great one. When it comes to finding the very best in low cost flights from Cork to Southampton, the eDreams (http://www.edreams.com) website is where you need to be.

eDreams deals are always top notch so what you see is the best price you will find online. How do we know this? eDreams search across all airlines running that route and find you the very best, lowest costing flights available.Whether it's British Airways (http://www.britishairways.com) or Lufthansa, eDreams cover all the grounds!

It turns out that flying from Cork to Southampton direct is actually quite expensive. We checked summer flights and autumn flights only to find that they are always in the £500 range! It seems to be a standard price across the board. This is based on a return flight for one adult to Southampton.

Clearly this isn't good enough so we had a look at alternative routes. Luckily we managed to find that a Cork/London flight can be snatched up for as little as £90. You can then jump on a plane from London to Southampton for around £150. This brings your total to a much more reasonable £240.

Sometimes certain routes just cost that little bit extra. When something looks far to expensive there is always a cheaper work around. We managed to cut £250 off a flight just by getting off in London.

A low cost flight from Cork to Southampton can be hard to come by if you fly direct, with a simple stop in London though, all of a sudden things are a lot more affordable!

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