Looking for a flight from Cork to Exeter?

If you are looking for a direct flight from Cork to Exeter there are none available so what is the easiest and cheapest way of getting there?  We show you a hassle-free alternative that will prevent you from getting frustrated through travelling all day and night.

Exeter is located in close proximity to Bristol which will act as a substitute gateway for those flying from Cork to Exeter.  Bristol is only about an hour away from Exeter so it makes perfect sense to fly here as other cities in and around Exeter are definite non runners.  Flights from Cork to Southampton, Bournemouth or Plymouth run into the hundreds of euros so they can not compete with the prices you can find to Bristol.

On edreams.com flights from Cork to Bristol are available for as low as €60 return in September with prices varying through out the year. Flight time takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes meaning that you will touch down in the South-West of England in no time at all.

From here you can catch a train to Exeter and travel time takes just over an hour.  To find cheap train tickets visit ojp.nationalrail.co.uk and fares from Bristol to Exeter can be found for as low as €10 one-way on off-peak trains.  If trains are not your cup of tea then you can also rent a car or take the bus.  There is as yet no direct flight between Cork and Exeter but by flying to Bristol and then taking the train you can still get there without any fuss.

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