How to get a low cost flight from Cork to Derry

Cork and Derry have a lot in common. They are both the second-largest cities in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively. However, if you are looking for a direct flight from Cork to Derry between two cities you would be out of luck. Instead, travelers between the two cities have to usually take a flight to an intermediate city before going on to their destination. The good news is that plenty of low cost carriers have flights that will take you via transit so you have plenty of choice with regard to flight availability and budget. Here are some of routes and airlines that you can take if you are flying from Cork to Derry.

Ryanair www.ryanair.com

Ryanair operates a number of flights to many cities in the UK so if you are looking for a flight from Cork to Derry it is relatively simple to fight out of Cork to a nearby city and take a connecting flight to Derry. Among the options open to you is taking a flight from Cork to London’s Stansted Airport and taking another Ryanair flight from there to Cork. The flight from Cork to Stansted costs £85 and leaves at 8:10AM, arriving in Stansted at 9:25AM while the flight from Stansted to Derry will cost you £87, departing at 1:05PM and arriving in Derry at 2:30PM. You can also travel from Cork to Derry via Liverpool with Ryanair.

Aer Lingus www.arelingus.com

You can increase your options by using Aer Lingus together with another airline such as Ryanair or flybe to complete your journey. For example, an Aer Lingus flight from Cork to Birmingham can cost you €104, departing at 6:45AM and arriving at 8:15AM, while the Ryanair flight from Birmingham to Derry costs £68 and leaves 2:05PM and arrives at 3:20PM. You can also take an Aer Lingus flight to Manchester and fly from there to Derry on flybe.

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