A guide to flight comparison sites in the UK

Flight comparison sites in the UK

Flight comparison sites are among the best and most popular ways of finding flights and making sure you get a good deal on them. As they are so popular and useful it's no surprise that a lot of competing sites have cropped up, and some of them are better than others, be it because they compare more flights, have more options or are simply laid out better.

Travelsupermarket.com is one of the most well known flight comparison sites in the UK, and with good reason. On the front page it has their top ten current flight deals, so if you're flexible and don't have a specific destination in mind you can grab a great deal immediately. Beyond that the site has a fairly robust search tool, allowing you to pick the country and airport that you want to fly from, the country or airport you want to fly to, the dates of your trip, what class you want to fly, and how many of you are travelling. Once done it presents you with a clearly laid out list of the available flights, from cheapest to most expensive, and also tells you the airline and the flight times and durations. Then you simply click on the best offer and it will take you direct to the airline or travel agents site to make a booking.

Skyscanner.net is another flight comparison site, and where it differs from travelsupermarket.com is in the number of tools and options available when running a comparison. As well as all the search options offered by travelsupermarket.com it also allows you to further filter results by flight duration, take off and landing times and airline. It also highlights savings that you could make if you're more flexible with the date and times of travel. However the site itself isn't quite as well laid out as travelsupermarket.com, so if the increased search flexibility it offers isn't an issue then travelsupermarket.com should still be the number one choice for flight comparisons.

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