Find a cheap flight from Birmingham (BHX) to Waterford (WAT)

The flight service from Birmingham (BHX) to Waterford (WAT) is run by Aer Arann (http://www.aerarann.com) and takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of time in the air. The flight operates four days every week: Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. There are no flights in either direction on the other three days.

Ticket prices show a relative consistency throughout the year, with very minimal variation. For a single one-way trip to Waterford from Birmingham, you can expect to pay between £35-£40 if you book more than a month in advance. For return journeys, nobody should pay more than £70-£80. You should buy online at Aer Arann's aforementioned website.

It usually does not matter if you have flexibility on your dates, as all travel dates fall within this small price range. If, however, you need to travel at short notice, buying a ticket to depart within a month of your booking date could see you paying anywhere from £60 to upwards of £120 for a one-way trip. The cheapest short-notice return trips will not be less than around £120, and are often more than £200.

After your flight from Birmingham (BHX) to Waterford (WAT), you might want to travel into Waterford city centre. This is not an easy task to complete: there are no rail services or bus routes which connect to the airport, and your only reasonable option is a taxi.

Taxis come to meet every scheduled flight to Waterford Airport at a taxi rank to the right of the airport's main entrance. A taxi journey to Waterford city centre from the airport will take no more than around 15 minutes.

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