Flight attendants: things may not always be quite what they seem.

With 19 days to go before Sir Richard Branson dresses up as a female flight attendant, sporting make-up and high-heels on an Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur, you may be wondering what other slightly wacky events are happening airside.

While the one and only Virgin boss, having lost a bet, is shaving his legs and donning a regulation red skirt on the 21st of this month for charity, the newly formed Thai airline, PC Air, selected three ‘Ladyboys’ (transsexuals) in its initial recruitment last week along with 17 men and ten women, reports the DailyTelegraph.

Peter Chan, the new airline's boss, is hoping to promote equal opportunities for the ‘third sex’. ‘Our society has changed. It's evolution. I'm a pioneer and I'm sure there will be other organisations following my idea’, claimed Mr Chan.

23-year-old Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn, winner of the annual Miss Tiffany ‘katoey’ (transsexual) beauty pageant in 2007, is one of the 100 transsexuals who applied for the job to be chosen. Thailand has the largest number of ‘katoeys’, as the Thais call them, in the world, and a sky-high demand from men wishing to become women.

PC Air stressed that the criteria for the job were language skills and the potential to provide good service. The transsexual flight attendants will wear special gold-coloured ‘third sex’ name badges so passengers and immigration staff will know what’s what.

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