Fleetway Travel: The Ideal Agent for Fun and Hassle-Free Holidays

Fleetway Travel, at fleetwaytravel.com, is a London-based travel agency that has been in business since 1973. It offers all types of holidays for local and international destinations, as well as travel services such as car hire, travel guides, arrangements for all-inclusive options and bookings for use of airport lounges.

Are You in the Mood for a Self-Catering Holiday?

You can do so in just about any part of the world with the agency’s help. An example of this is their self-catering accommodations for Majorca, Spain. When staying in any of the apartments of HSM Lago Park I and II, you will only have to pay as low as £199 per person, and this already includes your fare and hotel, as well as complimentary breakfast and dinner.

It may not seem like it, but the travel agency also has a good selection of last-minute deals and cheap holidays to offer at the website fleetwaytravel.com/lastminute_holidays.php. For the budget-conscious traveller, the agency also offers self-catering holidays to minimize your expenses on accommodation and food.

Have a Taste of French Magic from Disneyland Paris

Another specialty of the website is offering Disney-oriented tours, such as their packages for Disneyland Paris. Packages may include as well fare using Eurostar’s train services.

Advantages for booking online with Fleetway Travel include enjoying the lowest rates by submitting to the website proof that another company or website has offered lower rates for the same deal. The website also offers a deposit option instead of requiring the usual full payment for travellers who are set to enjoy holidays that are more than 14 weeks long.

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