Five things to see in Pompeii.

There is good reason why Pompeii is Italy’s most famous archaeological site: it's the one place in the world where you can truly understand how the ancient Romans lived. Visiting off peak means that you can wander the fascinating ruins at your leisure and escape the tourist crush. It's an extensive site however, so for those with a more limited attention span we've chosen five must-see places from the Telegraph, to focus on before your legs start to tire.

The House of the Tragic Poet. This is not only the best preserved house in Pompeii, its entrance also sports the amazing 'Beware of the Dog' mosaic.

The Lupanar. The oldest known brothel in the world, this is one of the most visited buildings in Pompeii. The Lupanar is famous for its explicit erotic paintings and the graffiti left by its ancient customers and prostitutes.

The Temple of Isis. One of the first discoveries during the excavation of Pompeii back in the 18th century, this is one of the site's best preserved temples.

The Amphitheatre. Built over a hundred years before the Coliseum, this is the world’s oldest surviving amphitheatre and well worth the long walk required to reach it.

The Stabian Baths. See Roman baths in their entirety, with their handsomely decorated interior, swimming pool and exercise yard.

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