Five free things to do in Prague

Even though Prague cannot be considered cheap under normal circumstances, the lavish art and architecture, as well as the overflowing musical and cultural spirit of the city, can be appreciated at low-to-no cost. Here are our five tips for holding on to those euros:

Situated at the back of the current Czech Senate (formely known as the Wallenstein Palace), the fantastic 17th century Wallenstein gardens provide tranquility from the hustle & bustle of the city. Their design is Italian (Milanese to be precise) and nestled into various prominent positions around the greenery sit bronzes of classical Greek gods and muses.

Remind yourself to get moving again by visiting a famous tourist site and classic time-piece for the city: the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. Adorned with clock-work biblical figures and apostles, the clock performs for the gathering crowds of locals and tourists on an hourly basis.

Walking is the mode of transport for getting around this spectacular location so be sure to have a look at the various Free Prague Tours that are available and let a guide introduce you to the hidden twists and turns, back-alleys and eateries known only to the locals. A tip is recommended but not mandatory.

The Czech Museum of Music offers a fascinating insight into the rich history of Prague's musical traditions. Located in the former church to Mary Magdalene, the site allows visitors in for free, between 2pm and 6pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Lastly, visit Franz Kafka's grave in the Jewish cemetery based in the Vinohrady neighbourhood. Don't get confused with the Old Jewish Cemetery in the city, if you're thinking of paying your respects to the country's most famous literary legend.

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