Five best destination wedding locations

Getting married in the traditional manner is, believe it or not, becoming less traditional. More and more people are opting for something unique and iconic that their guests won't forget in a hurry. Destination weddings are becoming more popular and that means more choice so let's run through our top 5 destination wedding locations and hopefully you can get some ideas from the list.

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The idyllic little island of Zanzibar off the east coast of Tanzania and on the front lines of the Indian Ocean offers a breathtaking backdrop to any wedding occasion. The resorts in Zanzibar are affordable and top notch. The turquoise coloured water offers great wedding photo opportunities and the seafood is second to none. What more could you want?


Forget Las Vegas, Florida is a much better option for a destination wedding as you cut out the smut and increase the number of fun activities your guests can engage in around the wedding. Think the Florida Keys, Miami Beach, Disney World and Universal Studios and you get the idea. This destination wedding location is ideal for couples who wish to include kids in their special day in a memorable way.

The Bahamas

Is pure white sand and crystal clear waters your cup of tea? Then a wedding on the beach in The Bahamas could be the special destination you are looking for. The Bahamas is made up of over 200 islands so you will not be short of options when looking for the perfect venue and then afterwards you can take your guests snorkelling in the stunning coral. Another plus is that the locals speak English which will definitely add to the hassle free and relaxed environment.

Costa Rica

For the opportunity to brush up on your Spanish along with planning your destination wedding then Costa Rica provides a relaxing and fun environment to exchange vows in. You could do it under banana trees anywhere on stunning beaches, Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea - your choice!

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Finally, no list for destination weddings could be complete without the old reliable that is Hawaii. The Aloha islands will welcome you and your wedding party with open arms and give you the royal treatment. The fact that the islands were formed from under water volcanoes just adds to the allure. And again, after the important stuff is out of the way you can take your pick of world class surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and scuba diving to make the trip memorable for all invited.

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