Discover the magic of fisning hollidays

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There's nothing quite like fisning hollidays. Around the world there are some sensational spots to engage in a bit of fishing and, if you pick the right place, you can have a truly memorable holiday.

Cuba has long been one of the premier destinations for tourists from around the world, but did you know that it's also one of the best places in the world to enjoy a fisning holiday?

The Cuban island of Cayo Largo lies in a huge flat area and the channels surrounding the island are absolutely brimming with an assortment of exotic fish, waiting to be caught. Snapper, Grouper, Jack and Snoop of extraordinary sizes can be found here all year long.

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Morocco is another prime destination for fishing holidays. Tourists with a penchant for angling are flocking to the Tessaout Valley in the high Middle Atlas. And why are they going there? Because the river is teeming with wild brown trout that are a favourite for many fishermen to catch and to eat.

And if the fish aren't biting, which rarely happens here, you can explore the exquisite buildings and ruins that are ubiquitous in Morocco, and a real advert for its thousands of years of history and culture.

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