The great things about fishing holidays in Kent

Fishing holidays in Kent are truly something special. They have many different species on offer and some of the best fishing spots anywhere in the UK. Places like Cottington lake and Manor Fisheries make Kent stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to fishing it's all down to the species that the area offers. A lot of fishermen want to catch specific types of fish and Kent has lot's of variety. They have Carp to 32lb, Tench to 8lb, Bream to 6lb, Chub to 6lb, Perch to 4lb, Roach to over 2lb, Rudd to 3lb, and Crucian Carp to 2lb in Kent's lakes and are well stocked with them.

The beauty of somewhere like Manor Fisheries (http://www.manor-fisheries.co.uk) is that they also provide accommodation. They have beautiful en-suite apartments on offer to anyone that wants to stay.

Manor house was voted the number two fishing holiday spot in the  South East and this is no shock. The accommodation is stunning and your are surrounded by packed lakes just waiting to be fished. Television and DVD, reclining chairs, cooker, refrigerator, microwave oven are all standard in the apartments so you have everything you need to unwind after a day on the lakes.

There are a few rules (as with all fish-able lakes) when it comes to fishing at Manor Fisheries so be sure to check them out at the website before you book.

Last but not least the pricing. Again this is a little bit more complicated than just one price. It all depends on the type of fish your are going for, whether or not you will be staying and how long you intended to be around for. We found that a 24hr trip, fishing for catfish and carp with up to four other anglers was the best overall deal at £30 total.

There you have it, all you need to know about fishing holidays in Kent, hit up the Manor Fisheries website and see if Kent is the right place for your next fishing trip.

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