The best FirstChoice ski holidays

A look at three of the best FirstChoice ski holidays, choosing highlights from their trips to Austria, Finland and the United States of America.

  • 7 nights at the Grand Hotel: One of the finest hotels in Zell am See in Austria, the Grand Hotel features a picturesque lakeside location, top quality sauna, gym and spa facilities, and a luxurious standard of decor. Enjoy a hot and cold buffet breakfast included as part of your ticket price. Then take to the mountains during the day for some exciting glacier skiing, or snow-walking on the beautiful Kitzsteinhorn and Schmittenhöhe mountains. From £601 per person.
  • 5 nights at the Rukahovi Apartments: Located in a secluded and serene wooded area of Rukatunturi, one of the finest ski resorts in Finland, the Rukahovi Apartments are still just a few minutes' walk away from the town centre. It provides perfect accommodation for those looking for a comfortable place to stay with excellent value for money. While visiting Rukatunturi, enjoy any or all of its 29 ski slopes or 160km of snow-walking trails. From just £337 per person.
  • 7 nights at the Beaver Village Condos: A fairly priced hotel, catering well to families, located with easy access to Colorado's top skiing locations and a small walking distance from the town centre of Winter Park, the highest town in the United States at 9,000 feet. Includes excellent guest facilities such as a swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. During the day, enjoy some exciting cross country skiing as you take on the Devil's Thumb Ranch. From just £830 per person.

For more information about any of these FirstChoice skiing holidays, visit firstchoice-ski.co.uk. To find other types of FirstChoice holidays, visit the homepage at firstchoice.co.uk

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