First class lounge for pets

I think we've seen the last of those extraordinary tales (or should that be tails?) where a dog or animal travels thousands of miles to be reunited with its frantic owner of family. These days, the pet in question would just jump on a plane, having used its pet passport. But where would Spot or Fluffy wait before boarding the plane? The world's first VIP pet airport lounge in Frankfurt.

Although staff at the airport's animal-only waiting suite won't be offering a bloody-mary cocktail to stressed cockatoos or play jazz music to calm down dalmations, vets will be on hand to ensure that pets arrive at their destination in the best possible condition, the Daily Mail reveals.

Lufthansa's general manager Kai Peters explains that the area offers 'individual care, professional expertise and an environment designed to ensure ultimate comfort for 14,000 household pets and 1,500 horses and wild animals annually', providing climate controlled hutches and pressurised cabins for any creature great and small. Not a foil packet of peanuts anywhere in sight though, sadly.

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